Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Awaiting the summer...

Snow Snow Snow! Can't wait to bring the BugE out again.  For now, it sits in the garage on blocks occasionally drawing on the power cord to top off it's batteries.   For those who need a green memory while awaiting motorcycle season, here's a photo a friend of mine forwarded to me from last summer.
As for upgrades, not much has changed. I bought replacement tires from and had them put on at my local motorcycle shop.  So far, they are holding up well.  I also added some LED lights for the cargo space. 

At some point, I intended to post a 12v wiring diagram.   However, my box of "round-tuits" is rather empty.  In it's place, I have a large collection of "Honey do's". Those who are married know what I'm talking about. That is, "Honey, do this, Honey do that...."    Fortunately, for those who would await my sage wisdom the 12V wiring isn't that sophisticated.  The upper wiring is almost identical to a regular motorcycle.  That is, the design is driven mostly by the speedometer connections.  Fortunately, many speedometer kits come with 12v wiring examples.  The 12V wiring example I used is very close to what would be used on a normal street bike with the exception being that the fuel gauge in the speedometer currently reads empty.  I haven't found a really good way of representing estimated range as an E-F reading.  There are just too many variables when it comes to electric vehicle range.

Should anyone want it, I have made my lower wiring harness available as a downloadable PDF from my Google drive.  It can be found HERE

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